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Covid-19 update

During the Covid-19 outbreak, the safety and security of our guests, our staff and our suppliers is paramount.

We will make decisions about going ahead with or cancelling holidays on a trip by trip basis, reflecting government advice, WHO advice, and the detailed local situation at our destination. Although we will give as much notice as possible, because of the rapidly changing situation we may need to make late decisions.

In case of cancellations, we will be as flexible as possible, offering alternative dates or credit for a future holiday in order to secure the future of our small company. This policy is in line with the European Commission for Consumers advice on travel, directive in connection with Covid-19.

If you decide, independently, not to travel and choose to cancel your holiday, our usual cancellation terms will apply. In specific circumstances travel insurance may cover nonrefundable cancellation costs.

Stay safe and thank you for your understanding at this difficult time for us all.

Covid-19 alert: You will be aware the operation of our business has been affected by Covid-19…

Our Ethos

We reckon you probably don’t care too much about our ethos, but we reckon you will care about what it means for your holiday; about what will make your time with us properly memorable.

Take for granted these points that make the difference…

We cover more top notch UK mountain biking destinations than any other specialist MTB provider, giving you a great choice.

We like to create a great vibe in the group, so we’ll kindle your hearty banter with a real fire, great tunes and bevvies of your choice.

We like to appreciate the splendour of our wild landscapes, so we’re unlikely to smash on past the best viewpoints, but encourage some lingering.

We like trees the way they should be, so you’ll ride in pristine natural sessile oak forests or Caledonian pines, not ugly plantations broken up by pilons and windfarms.

We like homemade and local where possible, so for example, you’ll get prizewinning venison casserole cooked locally on our Torridon trip, and our own homemade cakes on every trip!

We love a great cup of coffee, so our expert noses will dig out the best coffee in town, not just the first cafe we come to.

Our guides have an intimate knowledge of our destinations, so we absolutely guarantee you will ride the best trails to be found, in the best direction!

We’re fans of all kinds of singletrack, preferably pointing downhill, so we keep firetrails and tarmac to an absolute minimum.

We are outdoor professionals, not just mountain bikers, so we read the weather, the terrain, your mood, your fitness, and react accordingly.

We care for the environment, so for example we offer free transfers from public transport, won’t plough through boggy ground, and support local and national environmental groups.

We like homemade and local where possible, so for example, you’ll get prizewinning venison casserole cooked locally on our Torridon trip, and our own homemade cakes on every trip!

We are a small family run company and we want to keep it that way, so you will always be hosted and most likely guided by us, the owners and operators.

And then add the icing on the cake…

Here are some of the things we’ve done for our customers, and you never know, we might do again!

A Barbecue To Remember...

A Barbecue To Remember...

In Keswick at the end of the hottest day of summer, we loaded all of our barbecue gear into the van, negotiated security at the Theatre by the Lake, parked up and carried burgers, sausages, charcoal, grills, plates, craft ales, tunes, and all other paraphenalia down to the shore of Derwent Water for a barbecue to remember.

Birthday Brilliance ...

Birthday Brilliance ...

On a guest’s significant birthday, we sent an extra guide secretly up to the top of Torridon’s highest mountain pass and laid out a birthday tea, complete with bike-shaped cake and 40 candles.

Single Malt Surprise ...

Single Malt Surprise ...

Not content with taking a diversion on a ride to a white sandy beach in Applecross, after emerging from a quick dip in the freezing turquoise waters of the Inner Sound, our guests were met with a glass of single malt.

Campervan Comfort ...

Campervan Comfort ...

On a particularly cold and wet and epic ride, we sent an impromptu support driver in a campervan to a remote midway point and delivered hot soup to our guests.

And other stories over the years of rescuing stricken riders by towing with inner tubes, springing cold beers out of our support vehicle’s fridge, cooking up bacon sandwiches after midnight for late arriving guests ….. the list goes on.

We hope you get the point. We go the extra mile!

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