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Your questions, answered

We’ve tried to think of everything … but if there is something we’ve missed and you need to know for our mountain biking holidays … please get in touch!


How skilled do I need to be?

You will need a certain level of mountain biking experience either at trail centres or on natural trails to be able to enjoy our holidays.

If you are used to tackling the red and black runs at your favourite trail centre, you will revel in handling all the rocks, roots, rubble and drops that nature might throw at you on one of our holidays.

If you are more comfortable with a blue run, you might find some short sections a little more challenging than you are used to. However, help will always be at hand and we are very happy to offer on-the-fly skills coaching through some of the more technical sections of trail.

This said, we should be clear that our holidays are not suitable for beginners, as having too wide a span of skills within the group leads to dissatisfaction for all.

How fit do I need to be?

We ride uphill as well as downhill so a reasonable level of fitness is required. None of the routes we ride could be described as easy from either a technical or fitness point of view. However, our holidays differ in the levels of technical ability and fitness required which is described more fully under the “is it for me?” section for each holiday.

Can you provide coaching?

Yes. We are happy to provide ‘on-the-fly’ coaching through the more technical parts of trail, if that is what you request. To maintain the flow of your ride we will not do this as a matter of course, but on request. We will be sure to warn the group of any particularly challenging sections on the trail ahead and encourage celebratory noise for those that go clean!

How old do I need to be?

18 to 80! As long as you have the skill and fitness, age is no barrier! We ask that under 18s are accompanied by a responsible adult please.

What happens if I cannot keep up with the group?

This is a common concern. It is unfounded for 3 reasons:

(1) The nature of man or woman and his or her relationship to mountain biking usually means that riders who are whippets on the climbs are more cautious on the descents and vice-versa! It is rarely the same riders that do the waiting all of the time.

(2) We try to avoid running groups of vastly varying skill or fitness levels, so riders in our groups tend to adopt a similar pace.

(3) Those that do find themselves waiting a short time for others to catch up will always be enjoying swapping stories about their dodgy moment on this rock or that root. And they will be glad of the rest. When you catch up, there will be nothing but thanks for your considerate pace!


What kind of bike should I ride?

As long as it is well maintained, any trail or all- mountain bike will be fine, whether hard tail or full suspension. On many of the trails we ride you will have more fun on a full susser and probably be more comfortable too, but sometimes we ride hard tails just to keep us honest! Ideal fork travel for our Wild Trails trips is 120 to 140 mm. For All Mountain and Enduro focused trips we would recommend 140 to 170mm.

Can I bring my e-bike?

Our policy on e-bikes is designed to ensure everybody enjoys their riding.

You are welcome to ride your e-bike on most of our UK MTB holidays. If there are 4 or more guests on e-bikes, your own dedicated guide also on an e-bike will be available. This means you will travel further and faster than a group of riders on unassisted bikes. If there are fewer than 4 guests on e-bikes it is likely you will ride as part of the whole group, at the pace of the group, expecting to wait to regroup at the top of climbs. Depending on the total number of guests on the trip, we may still be able to assign you an e-bike guide to a smaller group of 2 or 3 e-biker guests, but we cannot guarantee this.

The description of each holiday under the DESTINATIONS pages will tell you if it is suitable for e-bikes.

Please be aware that due to the fragile nature of the soil on some of our trips, we will request that you use low power modes on trails sensitive to damage in wet conditions.

What spare parts should I bring?

We recommend you bring:

  • 4 spare tubes
  • A gear cable inner
  • 2 sets of brake pads
  • A quick link chain link
  • A derailleur hanger specific to your bike

What happens if I have a mechanical problem?

We will help you fix common issues like punctures, broken chains and worn out brake pads. We are also experienced in making temporary trailside repairs for more unusual problems to get you back home from a ride. If you suffer a major mechanical breakdown that cannot be repaired back at base, we will get you to the local bike shop as soon as possible. On most trips we will carry one or two spare bikes to loan, should the worst come to the worst.

Where can I keep my bike securely?

All our lodgings have a lockable building for bike storage, or you might prefer to keep your bike in your car or in our van.

Where can I wash my bike?

We will always have a portable bike wash or access to a tap and hose. We also carry bike-wash and brushes.


What size group will I be riding in?

Typically between 4 and 10 riders. We keep our groups to a maximum of 6 per guide. Without spoiling the flow of your riding, we will ensure you know what to expect on the trail up ahead. Our guides are all highly experienced, MBLA or MIAS qualified and mountain first-aid trained.

How long are your rides?

We match our rides to the experience and ability of the group through listening and consultation. Effectively, we have a whole library of rides up our sleeves at all our venues, and we choose those most suited to the groups, the weather and ground conditions on the day. So it’s hard to generalise, but as a very rough guide: big rides on a still, dry day might be up to 40 miles and 7 hours. Lighter rides in the same conditions might be up to 30 miles and 5 hours including rest stops and lunch. Our accommodation is always selected to be right amongst the best trails, which means that we might choose to do 2 shorter, sharper rides on some days with some R&R in between.

What should I take with me on a ride?

A 2 or 3 litre hydration pack with 2 spare tubes, a pump, tyre levers and a multi-tool, a waterproof top and some snacks. Cash for lunch, mobile phone, camera. Wearing a helmet is compulsory and gloves, sunglasses/eye protection are strongly recommended.

What about knee and elbow pads?

We cannot recommend that you do not wear knee and elbow pads but they are not compulsory. FYI, WildBike guides will wear pads for all rides.


* Applies only to our holidays using Luxury Camping accommodation *

Where will I be sleeping?

In a quality waterproof mountain tent and on a comfortable self-inflating mattress, which means you’ll stay dry and comfortable even in the foulest of conditions. And of course we’ll put it up and take it down for you.

Will I be sharing?

If you are a single traveller you will have a 2 person tent to yourself.

If you are travelling with a friend or partner, you will share a 3 person tent. So everybody gets plenty of room.

What are the washing facilities like?

All our basecamps have clean, modern toilet facilities, including free hot showers. This is camping, so don’t expect granite and marble, but facilities are clean and comfortable.

Where do we eat?

In comfortable chairs under our tough, waterproof FlexTent canopies.

What’s the social scene?

Our social hub is a huge traditional canvas bell tent with plenty of comfy seating and lounging space! On cool evenings we will light the wood burner or we’ll often have a campfire outside.

Can I go to the pub?

We will usually be based a short walk or pedal from the local pub, so of course you can. But you might not want to!


How do I check availability?

First, decide which of our destinations you would like to visit. You can check on our schedule (see box below) which dates your chosen trip operates. On the booking form, accessed through BOOK ONLINE, you will be able to see the availability of places for your chosen dates for that holiday.

How do I book?

Either by phoning 07528 996777 or online via our booking page.

How much deposit is needed?

We ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking, payable via PayPal or by bank transfer. You do not need a PayPal account to pay by PayPal.

When do I need to pay the balance?

The full balance is due six weeks before the commencement of your holiday. You will be sent a reminder by email and the balance should then be settled via PayPal. If you book less than 6 weeks from the date of departure, you will need to pay the full balance at time of booking.

If I need to cancel my booking, will I get a refund?

Please see our Terms and Conditions (below) for our cancellation policy.

Can I bring non-cycling friends and partners?

Indeed, you’re very welcome to. This usually ensures we don’t turn into complete bike nerds by Saturday evening. Sorry but we cannot offer a discount to non-riding companions, but we can give advice on the best beaches, pubs, tea-shops etc. Blimey that sounds good!

Can I have a day off?

Of course! We pride ourselves in being all-round people of the great outdoors! So we will happily point you to the best local walks, swimming spots, beaches, cafes, pubs etc etc.


What kit do I need to bring?

Please download our KIT LIST PDF. This is not intended to be prescriptive but is a good reference point when you’re packing your bags!


What’s included in the price?

Please refer to the page for each destination.

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