FAQs: Your bike

What kind of bike should I ride?

As long as it is well maintained, any trail or all- mountain bike will be fine, whether hard tail or full suss.  On many of the trails we use you will have more fun on a full susser and probably be more comfortable too, but sometimes we ride hard tails just to keep us honest!  Ideal fork travel for our more modest trips is 120 to 140 mm, for Scotland, Lakes and Alps trips we would recommend 140 to 170mm.

What spare parts should I bring?

We recommend you bring  at least 4 spare tubes, gear cables, 2 sets of brake pads (it is possible on a wet day on some of the long descents we ride to eat through a set in one day), a SRAM powerlink (or similar) chain connector and a spare derailleur hanger for your bike.  We do keep stocks of tubes, cables and chain links but sometimes demand can outstrip supply! The range of brake pads is ever expanding so it is wise to bring your own as we cannot stock all types.  Likewise derailleur hangers are very specific to your bike (even varying between years for the same model!), so it is vital you bring your own spare!

What happens if I have a mechanical problem?

We will help you fix common mishaps and everybody will wait for the repair, happy for the chance to rest! We are also experienced in making temporary trailside repairs for more unusual problems to get you back home from a ride. If you suffer a major mechanical breakdown that cannot be repaired back at base, we will show you to the local bikeshop where we negotiate discounted rates.  On most trips we will carry one or two spare bikes to loan, should the worst come to the worst.

Where can I keep my bike securely?

All our lodgings have a lockable building for bike storage. Or you might prefer to keep your bike in your car or locked to our trailer which in turn is locked to the van!

Where can I wash my bike?

Either with our portable jetwashes run from the van’s secondary electrics, or at our host’s hosepipe, depending on our venue.  We carry environmentally friendly proprietary bike cleaning products such as Muck Off or Sh*t Shifter and a variety of brushes!