FAQs: You

How skilled do I need to be?

You will need a certain level of mountain biking experience either at trail centres or on natural trails to be able to enjoy our holidays.  If you are used to tackling the red and black runs at your favourite trail centre, you will revel in handling all the rocks, roots, rubble and drops that nature might throw at you on one of our holidays.  If you are more comfortable with a blue run, you might find some short sections a little more challenging than you are used to. However, help will always be at hand and we are very happy to offer on-the-fly skills coaching through some of the more technical sections of trail.  This said, we should be clear that our holidays are not suitable for beginners, as having too wide a span of skills within the group leads to dissatisfaction for all.

How fit do I need to be?

We ride uphill as well as downhill so a reasonable level of fitness is required.  None of the routes we ride could be described as easy from either a technical or fitness point of view.  However, our holidays differ in the levels of technical ability and fitness required which is described more fully under the "is it for me?" section for each holiday.

Can you provide coaching?

Yes.  We are happy to provide ‘on-the-fly’ coaching through the more technical parts of trail, if that is what you request.  To maintain the flow of your ride we will not do this as a matter of course, but on request.  We will be sure to warn the group of any particularly challenging sections on the trail ahead and encourage celebratory noise for those that go clean! 

What happens if I cannot keep up with the group?

This is a common concern. It is unfounded for 3 reasons:

(1) The nature of man or woman and his or her relationship to mountain biking usually means that riders who are whippets on the climbs are more cautious on the descents and vice-versa! It is rarely the same riders that do the waiting all of the time.

(2) We try to avoid running groups of vastly varying skill or fitness levels, so riders in our groups tend to adopt a similar pace.

(3) Those that do find themselves waiting a short time for others to catch up will always be enjoying swapping stories about their dodgy moment on this rock or that root. And they will be glad of the rest.  When you catch up, there will be nothing but thanks for your considerate pace!