Where we ride

Enjoying the trails on a Exmoor mountain biking holiday


Exmoor squeezes some 400 miles of bridleway into its diminutive 267 square miles, creating a dense network of superb trails.  You will find sweeping double-track across the high moorland with stunning views out to sea and flowing singletrack through the beautiful miniature oak forests that line the steep sided combes. 

On Exmoor you will be able to ride from the top of the moors at over 500 metres  right down to the sea in one epic run - smooth and rolling one minute, steep and rough the next! 

Exmoor is our home territory and if anywhere requires local knowledge to find the best riding, it’s here. This range of well-drained trails makes Exmoor ideal for riders of all experience and abilities at any time of year.
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Enjoying the view on a Dartmoor mountain biking holiday


Dartmoor is the most atmospheric of National Parks.  The views are always huge and the skyline peppered with iconic towers of granite – the famous Tors of Dartmoor.  Evidence of ancient civilizations is everywhere: remains of mediaeval villages and tin mines, huge stone crosses and menhirs abound.  Not only is the landscape unique and interesting, the mountain biking is awesome. 

The variety of riding is astonishing!  From relatively smooth and level ancient tramways to the roughest granite rock gardens plummeting into the valleys, and everything else in between.  We go out of our way to find the hidden gems!

Dartmoor is not quite such a challenge to your fitness as some of our other holidays, but the occasional nadgery gnarliness more than compensates.  Ideal for mixed ability groups!
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Riding the Trails on a Lake District mountain bike holiday

The Lake District

Highest mountain, deepest lake, most summits, steepest road……the Lake District has them all. Swoopy, nadgery, droppy, gnarly, bermy…… and any other adjective you could throw at a mountain biking trail – the Lake District has them all too. 

If you’re up for it, during our Lake District holiday you might get the chance to ride to the summit of either Helvellyn or Skiddaw, the highest rideable mountain tops in England at over 3000 feet.  And of course this intimate high mountain scenery is all rather easy on the eye too!

Out of all our destinations, you will get the most from the Lake District if you are really up for a challenge!  The ups are long and sometimes steep, the downs are fast and often rocky.  Technical sections are never too far round the corner!
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The stunning scenery of our Torridon and Applecross cycling holidays

Torridon and Applecross, Scotland

Scotland’s majestic mountain scenery is without doubt well worth the long trip north that many of us have to make. Very few places on earth match the drama and beauty of high mountains, sparkling lochs and white sandy beaches…….and mile upon mile of beautiful, grippy, flowing singletrack meandering through the landscapes.  And if you are making the long trip, you need to head for the best bits: Torridon and Applecross, voted in MBR magazine as the top natural mountain biking destination in the UK. 

On our Scottish rides you will climb over high and remote mountain passes and make awesome descents back into the glens. All the time with the backdrop of the jaw-dropping splendour of Ben Alligin, Ben Eighe or Slioch.

For our Scottish holiday you will need a sense of adventure and a good level of fitness for the long climbs but the riding is never very technical for too long.
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