What to expect on our rides

Are WildBike holidays for me?

If you are ready to ride the wild natural trails of this beautiful island, YES!

We like to put the emphasis on the Wild in WildBike because we love the natural trails of our glorious National Parks.

Fully guided mountain bike holidays uk, no navigation worries!

If you are used to tackling the red and black runs at your favourite trail centre, you will revel in handling all the rocks, roots, rubble and drops that nature might throw at you on one of our holidays. 

If you are more comfortable with a blue run, you might find some short sections a little more challenging than you are used to. However, help will always be at hand and we are very happy to offer skills coaching through some of the more technical sections of trail.

This said, we should be clear that our holidays are not suitable for beginners, as having too wide a span of skills within the group leads to dissatisfaction for all.


Our 'Toughness out of Ten' rating


Well, all our holidays sit firmly on the wild side of the fence, that's why we're called WildBike! But to give our own comparative scale, we've added our Toughness rating. To give some meaning to this, our toughest break is our Lake District High Mountains and High Passes trip, to which we give a big 9 score. This is because it is tough physically as well as technically - so, long days of steep climbs involving carrying your bike and rocky, steep, tight, fast, long descents requiring strong bike handling skills. Whereas our least tough holiday is Exmoor Wild Trails, which we give a score of 5.  Many people would think this a pretty tough riding experience, but compared to our other rides, it's a little more sedate. Although steep, the climbs are not too long or technical and no special bike handlking skills are required for the downs. Our other breaks fall somewhere in between these two - see each trip for details.

Our guided groups


We keep our groups to a maximum of 8 per guide. Small group sizes minimize the impact of our riding on the environment and allow valuable time with your guide to enhance your riding experience.  If our group size stretches beyond 8, we will run with 2 guides.  In this way we can be flexible with the pace and to some extent, the routes we choose.

This makes our holidays ideal for mixed ability groups. Our guides are all highly experienced, British Cycling, MBLA or MIAS qualified and mountain first-aid trained. Without spoiling the flow of your riding, we will ensure you know what to expect on the trail up ahead.

Trailside repairs on a UK mountain biking holiday
Consulting the map on a Wildbike cycling holiday
The bikes lined up on our mountain bike holiday in Scotland

What about my bike?

Is it well serviced and brought from a bike shop?  That’ll do nicely then!  Any trail or all-mountain bike will be fine, whether hardtail or full suss.  For sure, on many of the trails we ride you might have more fun on a full susser and be more comfortable too. But sometimes we like to ride hardtails just to keep us honest. 

It’s recommended you bring spare brake pads, inner tubes, gear cables and importantly, a mech hanger.  Our holiday venues are all equipped with bikewash facilities, either through their own hosepipe or our mobile washers!

Our rides are supported by our fantastic, totally cool 9 seat VW Transporter Shuttle, complete with tools and common spares. It will seat 6 with 6 bikes inside or 9 with up to 12 bikes on our trailer. Genius!