About us

WildBike is in its 6th year and was born from a passion for Mountain Biking and wild places of its founder, Rob Clay, and his family.

We do not sub-contract our services to any other provider, so when you contact WildBike you will be talking to the owner and Director Rob or the company secretary Cathryn.

We are absolutely convinced that Mountain Bikes should be used for exploring wild country. Trail Centres have their place for a quick adrenaline fix among the pine trees, but nothing beats getting right in amongst the awe inspiring scenery of our National Parks on a mountain bike.  It takes real effort, expertise and an adventurous spirit to do this properly!  We’ve been doing this for years and at WildBike we want to share this passion with other like-minded mountain bikers.

Rob Clay, Director of Wildbike mountain bike holidays

Rob Clay

Before Mountain Bikes came to the UK, Rob was blazing trails through his native Sussex woodland in the late 70s.  In 1988, with his first ever paycheque, he bought his first fat-tyred machine, the then ubiquitous Muddy Fox Courier in purple and white.  No suspension, no helmet, rim brakes and a rack!  This beast was used for a number of years to get into the mountains to shorten the climb to the summits! 

A move to the West Country in 1992 meant being closer to the natural trails of Exmoor and Dartmoor. Long before GPS, Google Earth and trail guides, Rob was finding his own routes across the tracks and trails of Exmoor, Dartmoor and the Quantocks.  Some were too muddy, some were too boggy, some were dull.  But many were simply fantastic natural trails and it’s these that find their way into the WildBike itinerary.

Rob has since ridden extensively all over the UK, in France, in the Alps, Pyrenees, Australia and New Zealand.  He is a regular race competitor and sometimes comes close to bothering the lower steps of the podium whilst trying to out-gun his three teenage sons!

Favourite bike you've ever owned? My hard and scarred Cannondale Prophet with Talas 160s still comes out of the shed occasionally and holds her own with modern metal. Currently prowdly owning a family of Whytes - a 29CS for xc racing, a T129 Works SCR for general trail riding (well nearly everything really, it's so capable and fun) and a new G160 for the tough stuff.  Riding style?  Steady and determined uphill, fast and loose downhill!  Rob’s other loves include canvas, fish and maps.

Rob and Simon planning your next mountain biking holiday
Cathryn Clay, Company Secretary and advocate of glamping on our cycling holidays


Cathryn’s organisational abilities and unflappable loveliness are the stuff of legend.

Cathryn was re-born into cycling on meeting Rob.  Her first expedition was an over-ambitious ride on Dartmoor from which she has been recovering ever since. Rob has thankfully learnt a lot about guiding since then too!

Cathryn runs the WildBike office with absolute efficiency and bakes many of our tasty treats.  Cathryn rides any bike available from the WildBike line-up and her style should be described as courageous!  Her other loves are boots, sparkly things and cheddar.

Simon Hogg

At WildBike we are very pleased that Simon has chosen to work with us. What Simon doesn't know about mountain bikes and mountain biking in the South West of England is not worth knowing.  Simon supplements his expertise with regular summers in the Alps and Rockies, where he is a well known figure on the Whistler scene. if it's broke, he'll (almost) certainly fix it, if it ain't, he'll get on with guiding you in his effortless style! Simon is MBLA qualified and is also our coffee connoisseur.


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